Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eating logic at our house

Email from Sarah to me in the middle of the afternoon today, a day in which snow and sleet fell all morning.

Hey Dad, when are you planning to come home tonight? And might there be a chance of ElDo? I hear they have seasonal decorations on their boat now.
What could I do? Ignoring the river of cheese at our favorite nearby Mexican place is always a risky proposition, and it's doubly so on a day of inclement weather.

We clearly had to go. In fact, we clearly needed two vats of cheese dip.

After eating, we discussed the menu options for tomorrow night's annual gathering to watch Love Actually. We considered going with traditional British food, but, well, you know. So, instead we settled on Indian; after all, some of the best Indian food I've ever eaten was in London.

Then began a game of give and take:
I need to go to a Barnes & Noble.

Did you know Barnes & Noble sells Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes?

That's right!

And what goes well with Indian food?


There's a Barnes & Noble in the shopping complex right across the street.

So there is!

The weather isn't all that bad...yet.


We were obviously meant to go.

Which is how, a short time after dinner, I found myself at a cash register in the corner of the local B&N buying a full cheesecake.

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