Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Check out the decked-out tree

We have quite a few holiday traditions, as you may have gathered from posts in this and past Decembers. One is a tree-trimming party, in which a group of us gather, string lights, hang a zillion ornaments, and eat dinner. Here, courtesy of Gina, is how the tree looks after tonight's party. (Click on any photo to see a bigger image.)

As you can see, the tree is now carrying a rather weighty coating of ornamentation.

What's a tree, though, without a lovely dog posing in front of it?

Hardly anything, Holden answers.

Neither Holden nor Pixil could stand to let the tree outshine them, so they turned into circus performers. Here's Pixil in full stretch, with Holden getting ready to join her.

Not to be outdone by his sister, Holden then showed how the big dog does it.

Yes, it is true: Holden is the best dog in the world.


Michelle said...

Shhh..don't let my dog find that out. She thinks she is the greatest dog in the world. We don't want to disillusion her. However, your tree is the greatest by far. My Charlie Brown tree is looking more and more dismal.

Mark said...

I'll try to hide the news from your dog.

To me, every Christmas tree is beautiful.


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