Saturday, August 7, 2010

ReConStruction, day 3

Though I went to bed rather late last night, I still got a reasonable amount of sleep because my first commitment--an autographing session in the back of the dealers' room--wasn't until noon. To my pleasant surprise, I signed books and chatted with people almost continuously for the full hour. Don't get me wrong: I wasn't one of those big-name writers that stare at a huge queue of folks waiting for them to sign books; I can still only dream of that. I've just never had an autograph session at which I signed so many books. It was cool.

At the end of that activity, I met with Eric Flint for lunch. We talked publishing, ebooks, Baen (which publishes both of us), and so on for an enjoyable hour.

I then crammed in some work before my next panel, "The Death of a Character." The discussion ranged over many aspects of death in fiction, and it seemed to go well. Certainly, the audience seemed to enjoy it.

Next up was signing books at Sam's Bull Spec table, where we had also hoped to make me write fiction in return for donations. Alas, no one could find a printer or typewriter, so we bagged that notion. Perhaps another time.

More work, then the Baen author dinner at The Pit. We all ate too much but laughed and talked just the right amount, then waddled back to the hotel like a flock of ducklings overfed on worms.

After a little over an hour of work, I did the party crawl and ran into a lot of the usual suspects; this is a very small con. More work followed, and soon, sleep.

I'd love to see this hotel and facility with a full-sized NASFiC or WorldCon, but somehow I doubt that will happen anytime soon.


Laura said...

I described the return from The Pit as a 24-footed beast that waddled back to the hotel then collapsed in a very satisfactory meat coma.

Mark said...

An apt description.


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