Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Children No More hits bookstores today

Which means we have about three weeks to raise money to help rehabilitate and reintegrate child soldiers, because after that, unless we've made it a bestseller, bookstores are likely to remove it from their shelves. (Fortunately, online vendors generally keep a few in stock longer.) So, the big push begins now.

One tradition in my company is to send a copy of each new novel of mine to each of our most valued clients. Here's a photo of a table covered with stacks of most, but not all, of those books. I will sign each and every one; we value our clients greatly enough that I'm willing to endure a lot of wrist pain.

We paid for those books, so we indirectly donated money to the cause--as each buyer does.

Over the next three weeks, I'm going to talk more about the book, the issue, and related topics, but that's not all I'm going to blog. The issue is bleak, and we all need fun breaks, so I'll be interspersing some oddities as well. In addition, I'll provide some coverage of the NASFiC, where I'll be a guest from Thursday to Sunday.

A lot of folks have already helped spread the word. I'm hopeful that more will. With luck, we will sell a ton of books, raise many thousands of dollars for Falling Whistles, and ultimately help give new lives to a lot of kids who should never have been soldiers.

We can do it.


Joint said...

I got mine delivered from Amazon yesterday!

Anonymous said...

I literally just finished "Children No More." I think this book is your best (at least of the Jon and Lobo series). Please, keep writing this series. Your books are "keepers" that I can enjoy again and again.

/s/ 509th Bob

Mark said...

Thanks for letting me know! I hope you enjoy it.

Mark said...

Thanks so much for the kind words, Bob. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

Todd said...

I don't get extra credit this time around. Hopefully I'll get to a B&N at some point this week.

Mark said...

I really appreciate the support, Todd.


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