Friday, August 6, 2010

ReConStruction, day 2

Today was insanely busy and remains so, so I will be keeping this short. I did a full day's worth of PT work; plugged away at the Children No More charity efforts--and wore my Falling Whistles whistle all day; participated in two panels; co-ran a two-hour writers' workshop; spoke at length at the Baen Books Traveling Roadshow about my new books; contributed to another panel from the audience; signed stock for multiple dealers; hung out a tiny bit with friends; hit a bunch of parties; and had a late but tasty dinner at buku.

Tomorrow promises to be a bit slower-paced, but only a bit, because I went from having only three things to do to having six (or maybe seven). I may even be writing flash fiction for the cause if Sam (of Bull Spec) can find a way to print at his dealer's table--or a typewriter. I don't know what possessed me to offer that, but we'll see if anything comes to pass from it.

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