Sunday, July 11, 2010

Want me to read and critique your story?

I don't normally provide those services, but at ReConStruction, the North American Science Fiction convention (NASFiC) in Raleigh in a few weeks, I'll be doing that for three writers as part of a writer's workshop in which I've agreed to participate. Oz Drummond, who ran a similar workshop at the WorldCon in Montreal last summer, explains some of the basics here. You can also get more information from this page on the NASFiC site.

As best I understand it, two published writers will sit down with three other writers and discuss the manuscripts of those folks. I'm leading a session with Tom Doyle, a writer I do not know. My plan is to run ours Milford-style, which is to say that each of us will take a turn critiquing the work of a person, and then that person will have a chance to comment. The whole process is supposed to fit in two hours, which should be doable if a tad tight.

So, if you're coming to the con--and if you're not, you should be--and you are seeking input on a work in progress, contact Oz and see about joining the workshop. I promise to be honest, and I'll do my best to be gentle.


J. Griffin Barber said...

My jealousy knows no bounds... Oh, to be able to attend cons all over every time...

Mark said...

FWIW, Griffin, I attend only about five a year.

Bernadette Bosky said...

We three may be at Nasfic. I actually have permission to get off work, which is pretty rare, but Kevin just got shunted into new job at the same company and may have to stay home; ad then Arthur and I may go, but we're not sure.

Anyway, hope to see you there.

I've been enjoying looking at the list of tags and commenting on older entries.

Mark said...

Berndatte, I will hope to see you three (or two) at the con.


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