Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The view from the upper deck of the beach house

In case you're wondering why most of these vacation blog entries are short.

The pool temperature is perfect. The hot tub under the stars is lovely and restful. The ocean is magnificent and at an ideal swimming temperature. I eat lunch every day at the same place, where the food is good and the owners are friends. I'm in a house full of family and friends. Some of us are heading off soon to see Predators--because now half an hour away is a real theater.

I could stay here for months.

I love this place.

I am a very lucky man.


Michelle said...

Envy doesn't remotely describe what I feel when seeing this lovely view. You are indeed a lucky man.

Mark said...

As I said, yes, I am.

Anonymous said...

I guess your out of that rut you were in a few weeks ago. That's great and enjoy your vacation....Chris....who is not on vacation and slaving away here in NY where it is hot and humid and October can't come soon enough...

Mark said...

I am slowly relaxing, which is a great thing. Thanks for the kind words, Chris.


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