Saturday, July 17, 2010

Beach weirdness never stops

Warning: Two disgusting images ahead. Stop reading now if you don't want to see them.

Life at the beach moves at a slow pace, but it doesn't lack for weirdness. One of today's odder group conversations took place in the pool, as several of us discussed the enormous flap of skin hanging from Kyle's foot--a flap that until recently had been a callus. Kyle was (understandably, at least to men) rather proud of his huge callus and at various points offered these two observations:

My left foot has a big enough tongue to French kiss a woman.

Chicks dig the fleshy tongue.
Not long thereafter, as the topic turned toward dinner plans, Sarah offered this line:
I'm up for anything as long as Kyle's fleshy tongue isn't involved.
Speaking as her father, I have to support her position.

Just how big is this skin flap? I'm glad you asked. Check it out for yourself--and note that I did warn you above.

Later, for the very dinner we'd been discussing, we opted to try a place that had been good last year but that was suspiciously low on customers.

We won't be going back.

Many dishes motivated this decision, but none more than what my nephew, Chase, received when he persuaded the kitchen to bring him raw oysters.

After Chase received his glass of oyster sliminess, this exchange occurred:
Waitress: Is this what you expected?

Chase: No.
Seriously, no one expects the oyster goblet.

Remember: I did warn you.


Michelle said...

The correlation between the flap of skin and the appearance of the oysters in the goblet is way too close. But the real question here is who in their right mind would serve raw oysters poured into a glass? Yuck. And, you are right, only men appreciate large pieces of flesh protruding from a human body. It is a guy thing.
By the way, the word verification for this entry is pigsorc. It almost psychic.

Mark said...

Excellent verification word.

Todd said...

Love Oysters. Can skip the callus.

KelleBelle said...

I'm frightened by Chase's shirt. What is he wearing??

Bonnie said...

And how much of the, um, oyster goblet did Chase make it through before swearing off bivalves for life?

Mark said...

Nothing memorable; perhaps his Survivor armband is the disturbing bit.

Mark said...

Chase ate only a few, but he has not sworn off all oysters--just these oysters.


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