Thursday, July 15, 2010

Shopping oddities

One of the many beach traditions is to visit a store or two after lunch most days. The goal is less to shop than to revel in the strangeness that is the beach--though sometimes people do come home with new (and used) treasures.

Today's trip took us to Sugarbritches, a shop with namesake t-shirts that no one would wear. Drat. We did, however, get to see this disturbing donation box on the porch outside the store.

Do we really need a put-your-money-in-the-rhinestone-ass-slit box?

Apparently so.

Tomorrow, we hope to see the art installation from the woman who produced this piece. I've been to her roadside den of craziness before, but not in a long time. I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

Meanwhile, another store yielded this year's installment of Kyle's Pimp Style.

Alas, he did not buy the glasses.

Finally, back at the house, midway through a fierce game of Quiddler, folks decided it was time to eat the last Cheerwine donut. This one spurted when Kyle, who had decided he was perhaps too harsh on the pink-filled pastry the first time, cut into it, as you can see here.

As you might expect, Kyle decided that no, he had not been too harsh; the donut was indeed just that nasty.


sarah said...

When I arrived at work today there was a box of the dreaded Cheerwine Donuts! I am so glad I am forewarned.

And is Kyle single? LOL!

Mark said...

I'm glad to be of service with the donut warning.

Kyle said he is single but not looking.


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