Wednesday, July 14, 2010

More beach images

I didn't grow up in the South--Florida doesn't count as a capital-S Southern state--but I've lived in North Carolina way longer than I've lived anywhere else. Despite all that time here, I'm sometimes still surprised by the things I see.

Like this.

Did we buy a box?

Oh, hell, yeah, we did. Wouldn't you?

Of course, purchasing the box wasn't enough. Oh, no: we also had to try it. None of us, however, was brave enough to eat a whole one, so four of us agreed to consume a fourth of a donut each.

Here's what confronted us when we quartered the beast.

As we each forced down our small pieces, there was much hacking up of furballs, hawking, and general complaining about the taste, which combined all the worst attributes of warmed-over yogurt, stale donut base, diluted cherry cough syrup, and road grit colored to resemble sprinkles.

I won't be buying another box.

If you're down this way, though, and craving a donut, come on by.

In lieu of a rainbox unicorn to erase the mental taste of the Cheerwine Krispy Kreme, here's Kyle waving a hearty hello from atop the purple elephant.

There, don't you feel better now?


Michelle said...

What exactly is cheerwine? And the only flavor Krispy Kreme should ever do is none. A fresh glazed donut is simplicity at it's finest. Why spoil perfection with pink yuck? You all are very brave.

Mark said...

Cheerwine is a local soft drink--and not one I consume. I tend to agree about Krispy Kreme, though I do like some of their other flavors.

Brave...or stupid? Both, I suppose.

Bernadette Bosky said...

I'd totally forgotten about Cheerwine! Not about Krispy Kreme, though.

Great description of the taste, precise and memorable. You saved us all by doing the empirical test yourselves.

Mark said...

It was an interesting test indeed--and not in a good way.

vampi said...

I never really got a love of krispy kreme in my decade in NC. I do enjoy bringing back cheerwine when i visit and subjecting my friends to it. I don't drink much soda and didn't drink cheerwine when i did.

your beachy vacation pics are lovely. i miss the outer banks. there is definitely some lovely on the west coast, but i do miss my east coast sometimes.

Mark said...

I never liked Cheerwine, but I do love the beaches here.


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