Sunday, April 4, 2010

On the road again: Spain, day 3

Traveling with a teenager who's exhausted from too many late nights filled with homework and way too much jet lag is perfect for me, because I'm always exhausted, too. I'm not going to say exactly how many hours we stayed in our beds, but I will note that we hit double digits. It was great.

A magnificent storm filled half the sky as we headed over to the carnival for a quick snack of sausage and soda. It passed over us as our food came, so we enjoyed the rain from the protection of the vendor's awning. People were milling about and laughing and singing and pointing at the rain, turning the hard shower into a small party. When the rain let up enough that we'd get only partly soaked on the walk to our hotel, we headed back.

As the dark gray clouds passed and the rain stopped, a beautiful rainbow plunged into the Mediterranean; the view from our room's windows was perfect.

Shortly thereafter, we set out for La Rambla and the old town. The Concierge suggested we taxi but allowed as how we could walk, so we walked. We found our way there and strolled up the famous street. We chose a tapas place largely by the size of the crowd inside and enjoyed a very tasty dinner there. Spanish ham really is everything you've heard it is.

We're trying to adjust our clocks, so we'll probably crash a bit earlier tonight than last night.

Tomorrow, barring awful weather, we see some Gaudi!



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