Saturday, April 3, 2010

On the road again: Spain, day 2

I'm going to be keeping these short both because this is Scott and my time and because it's probably going to be late when I can get to them.

We did the usual overnight flight thing, and as such passings go, it was swell. We spent multiple hours in the hotel lobby, however, waiting for our room, so by the time we reached it, we were both exhausted. We took a long nap, and after showers felt pretty good.

We explored this ocean-side area a bit on foot and ultimately settled for dinner on a restaurant that was chock full of folks speaking Spanish and many people clearly fresh from their day at work. I like eating where locals eat. It was a good choice. The sausage sampler and croquettes were great, and the paella was very good, though more than two of us could finish.

Barcelona really is a late-night town. We sat down to eat about 10:30, and the restaurant was getting busier when we left.

We walked along a row of nightclubs and marveled at the themes and the crowds. By midnight, the clubs were just beginning to get moving; quite a contrast with Raleigh.

In a first for me, I filed a book, Jump Gate Twist, from another country.

It's almost three-thirty in the morning here, so I'm going to crash. Tomorrow, we hope to be adjusted to local time and to do some exploring.

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