Friday, April 2, 2010

On the road again: Spain, day 1

When I went to bed at 6:30 this morning, I still hadn't started packing. By the time I left the house, however, I was reasonably but not entirely confident that I had everything. I sincerely hope so, because aside from this layover in JFK, where the Admirals Club is spiffy and provides all the Diet Coke and carrot slices I might want, I will not be on the ground again until we touch down in Barcelona. I've never been to Spain before, so I'm quite looking forward to seeing it.

Bandwidth and time permitting, I will continue to blog--but if I miss a few days, or even a whole week, it's because Scott (my son) and I are out having wild parties, not because anything is wrong.

While on the plane, I will put the finishing touches on the Lobo story, and then from the hotel in Barcelona I plan to file the complete Jump Gate Twist.

My next writing project will be the completion of The Wild Side anthology, and at that point I will be done with every contracted project. I'm quite looking forward to that moment.

Off to Spain!


J. Griffin Barber said...

Wish I would have known you were going, I have lots of friends in Spain.

One place you must go, if you go to Madrid, is:

Restaraunte Boutin, Calle de Cuchilleros 17. Zimmern did a piece on it. Angoulas (eels) in garlic olive oil are an experience from another world. It is also the oldest continuosly operating restaraunt in the western world.

I have other locales/connections, if you can give me an itinerary.

Mark said...

The current plan is to stay in Barcelona, see a lot of Gaudi, eat well, and so on. Of course, it could change, but that's the plan for now.

Now, actually, we wish we had a hotel room, but our room is not available yet.


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