Thursday, April 8, 2010

On the road again: Spain, day 7

We slept, as usual, a great deal in our lovely chilled and dark bedroom, then awoke to greet a gray, also chilled day. We wandered the now roaring Mercat Boqueria, which is a great market indeed. We ultimately lunched at a small restaurant there, a place with chairs that let us get out of the crowd but still observe it. People watching in a big city is always fun, but it's particularly interesting in large outdoor markets like this one, where the expectations of the visitors seem to vary as much as their nationalities and bearing.

We have to get up insanely early tomorrow morning to begin the long travel process, so no late blogging or email for me.

I will, as one would expect, be very sad to leave. I'll miss having so much time with Scott, and I'll also miss Spain, Gaudi, Spanish ham, the view of the Mediterranean that greeted me each morning, a culture that eats late, sleeping late, and so much more.

On the other hand, I'll be happy to be home, to know the language almost everyone speaks, to be among family and friends, and so on.

On the third tentacle, I am sad in advance because I get to be home for only about 36 hours. I have to leave the house insanely early Sunday morning to fly to San Francisco. Now, normally, I greatly enjoy my trips there. I have some good friends in the Bay area, SF is a great town, and I am always happy to visit it. This trip, though, for reasons I really cannot explain (and may never be able to explain; it's a work thing), I am likely to be booked essentially 24 hours a day and never be able to have free time. I do not expect to have any time to myself that isn't dedicated to work, nor am I likely to get to see my friends at all, which sucks, but so it goes. On the scale of bad shit I've faced in my life, this really doesn't appear, so I have no real right to complain further.

When I next write, it will be from either a plane to the U.S., a plane in U.S. skies, or home.


Kyle said...

On the bright side, you should be home just long enough to watch UFC 112. Two title fights! Live from Abu Dhabi!

J. Griffin Barber said...

Every time I leave it, I want to go back all the more...

My forthieth birthday, methinks. Bike tour from Normandy to Bilbao...

Todd said...

For about 14 seconds I thought I might have a chance to meet you when you came to the Bay Area. Disappointed!

On another note, I'm glad you're having a great time. I'm enjoying your posts.

Mark said...

Kyle, you're definitely right about that. I look forward to the fights.

For those who follow our predictions, due to travel I just couldn't get them together this time. I will say that if Anderson Silva and B.J. Penn don't retain their titles easily, I'll be quite surprised.

Griffin, that sounds like a dandy plan

Todd, I'm really sorry, because I'd enjoy getting to meet you.


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