Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the road again: Spain, day 6

This morning began far earlier than normal for this trip, because we wanted to try the supposedly awesome hotel buffet. Try it we did, and it was indeed awesome. Nothing starts your day better than scrambled eggs with truffles, Iberian sausages, Jamon Iberico, fresh fruit, fresh bread, a wide selection of local cheeses, and so on.

We hit the aquarium today, and it was a fun time. I've always disliked snakes, and that dislike transfers without my conscious thought to eels, but at the same time I find both types of animals fascinating. This place had a lot of eels. Both fun and skin-crawly to see. I also enjoyed watching the sharks swimming overhead and up to the walls of the glass walkway. Their eyes had that "I'd eat you if you opened that wall" look that sharks always possess; I was quite glad for the wall.

We walked, played on our various electronics devices, had ice cream, and ultimately wandered parts of La Rambla before sitting down to an unexpectedly cheap dinner. The meal was so inexpensive because my mushroom risotto entree, which was yummy, featured a surprise appearance by an unlisted ingredient: a piece of broken glass. I found it while chewing a mouthful of food, but fortunately I extricated it without damaging it or me. Its mere presence triggered a subdued but multi-management-level Spanish rendering of the Monty Python dirty fork skit, by the end of which we paid for less than half our meal. I never asked for anything, mind you, other than a replacement dish.

The dinner appetizer, by the way, was pan-fried cheese stuffed with Jamon Iberico. Wow, that was good!

I've said it before, but it bears repeating: I will miss Spanish ham when I'm home.


Todd said...

I hear Spanish glass is quite nutritious.

Mark said...

Alas, the rumors are not, at least in my experience, accurate.

J. Griffin Barber said...

I am sure the multi-management-level discussions will continue tonight, and tomorrow. Poor bastards. Spanish is only slightly inferior to French for a good harangue.

Mark said...

You may well be right. They were certainly embarrassed.


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