Monday, August 10, 2009

On the road again: Worldcon, Montreal, day 6

Today was mostly work with a little Montreal tossed in as seasoning. I slept late, then picked up my art purchases, chatted with a few folks, and had some lunch.

Dinner was at Europea, a very nice French restaurant whose tasting menu was quite good.

This Worldcon, like many recent ones, involved a great deal of walking. The main hotel (and the one in which I'm staying), for example, is a full half a mile from the convention center. The function rooms there that held my panels were typically a few blocks further. So, at least I got a little exercise. Poor Jennie, who due to her broken foot had to navigate the entire convention on a KneeWalker scooter and a cane, got a great deal more. This nifty device attracted a ton of attention and persuaded all who saw it that if they ever had a broken foot or other foot problem, they wanted one. Despite all the work and hassle of using it, Jennie also managed to maintain a positive attitude for the entire convention, which is quite amazing--and way better than I suspect I would have managed.

I mentioned yesterday that my friend, John Picacio, did not win the Artist Hugo. In the voting breakdown, which I read today, he led for the first two rounds of the strange Australian ballot voting system that cons use. (If you're interested, you can read more about it here.) I note this fact because it shows how important it is that those who vote for these awards fill in all the choices they care about.

By the way, please don't think I feel Donato Giancola does not deserve the award; I agree that he does. In fact, I think all the nominated artists did. I was just rooting for a friend.

I still have writing and work to do, so to it I go. Tomorrow, I travel home, a trip composed of lots of lines and waiting and small planes. I can hardly wait.

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