Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest post: Slanted Jack and why the movie will be a success

MVN: This guest post comes courtesy of Ticia, who wrote it to amuse herself and me. I thought it might amuse you as well, so I persuaded her to let me put it here as a guest entry. Enjoy.

1) Your instincts to have Will Smith be Jon are dead on. I believe he would take the franchise far. He's gorgeous, he's talented, and he comes with a devoted following.

2) Every time I finish a Jon and Lobo book, I am left with the sad realization that there is no movie version of the books on DVD. Think of the joy movie-goers will experience when they realize they can rush right out and buy three (soon to be four) Jon and Lobo adventures.

3) When the movie is met with universal praise and awe, the chances of an audio book release are greater. There is a whole audience out there who listens to books while they commute. They are being dreadfully neglected right now.

4) You know you want to be a "foodie consultant" on the movie set. The restaurant scene will need a "location scout" as well. Imagine how much fun you'd have doing the research.

5) While "Overthrowing Heaven" has many visuals I'd love to see on the big screen, Wonder Island may cost too much to reproduce as a first venture. But, after "Slanted Jack" breaks all box-office records, the sky's the limit.

6) Also, in "Overthrowing Heaven", the beautiful Matahi and the fact that she's a courtesan might kick the rating level up from a PG-13 to an R; Or, if we were lucky, NC-17. We don't want that. We want to hook the families with young children. Two generations of readers is better than one.

7) I also nixed "One Jump Ahead" as the first movie because of Lobo. We need a fully functioning Lobo for marketing. Because there will be toys. Your books don't offer toys and I find that to be a serious downside. I want Jon and Lobo action figures.

8) ComicCon loves Sci Fi movies. Graphic Novel can't be far behind.

I could go on, but I don't want to bruise your writer's ego. So I won't even mention:

9) Michael Bay attached as director.


10) Happy Meal tie-ins.

MVN: I have to to say that if I got Will Smith for a Slanted Jack movie, I'd shut up about Michael Bay and the Happy Meal tie-ins--and cash the big checks that would come rolling in.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand Will Smith. I think he would suck as Jon. I think anyone who thinks he would be a good choice for any reason other than how much money the movies would make is stupid, including your guest columnist.

Michelle said...

All I want is a Jon and Lobo lunchbox. How cool would that be? Hollywood will eventually take notice. I am hoping for Steven Speilberg, War of the Worlds can move over, here comes Slanted Jack...

Mark said...

How cool would a lunchbox be? I'm all for that.

Mark said...

To anonymous: I considered not publishing this comment, because calling someone stupid is not fair, but I decided to let it go once. I disagree with you, and I know my guest blogger is very smart, and I agree with her, but everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

Ticia said...

It makes me sad that there are literate educated people out there that consider it appropriate to call other people’s opinions stupid just because they don’t agree with them.
I appreciate that other people have ideas that differ from mine.  How boring and homogeneous this world would be if we always agreed on everything.
The greatest advances in knowledge come when people have the courage to share their ideas and attach their names to their convictions.


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