Sunday, March 15, 2009

You say it's your birthday

It's my birthday too--yeah.

A lazy day it was, which is all I wanted. I'll have a proper birthday party in a month or so, but I just couldn't get my act together now to assemble one.

I sucked at Halo today, but playing it with Scott, Sarah, Kyle, and the random other players of the online Haloverse is fun just because I get to hang with those three.

Dinner tonight was a very special treat: a twelve-course tasting menu at The Mint, courtesy of Executive Chef Eric Foster and his team. Though The Mint, like many fine-dining establishments, has had to retool itself in these down times, I was able to persuade (well, okay, and pay) Eric to blow it out on a special tasting menu. Every single dish was delicious, with amazing combinations of techniques and ingredients. Kudos also go to our amazing (and regular) server, the lovely Thea (whose last name I do not give only because I do not know it), who did a wonderful job managing our rather large group.

If you have some serious coin to blow on a high-end meal, call The Mint, ask Eric to create a tasting menu, tell him you'll pay what it takes, and plan to be amazed.

(* Credits to The Beatles for the first two lines.)


Anonymous said...

happy birthday! *hug* sometimes a lazy day is the best way to celebrate your birthday. (i spent mine cooking with, and then falling asleep on the couch upon, mike. in the midst of some seriously crazy travel, it was the perfect thing.)

my parents are coming up in a couple weeks to take me out to dinner for said birthday; i've suggested we go to the mint. after hearing you talk about them for so long, i'm really looking forward to it! i'm not going to suggest that we do the full-on tasting menu on their dime - i'll save that for a special occasion with mike - but i do anticipate a very memorable meal regardless.

- lisa

John Lambshead said...



Mark said...

I do have to warn that the quality of the general menu does not appear to be up to what it once was. I have yet to eat it from it, but I did want to warn you.

Mark said...

Thanks, John!


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