Monday, July 10, 2017

Why these beach blog posts have been so short

One big reason is that I'm on vacation, so I'm doing very little. That means very little writing, but it also means that I'm quite literally not doing much, which makes for days that sound boring when I write about them.

I'm cool with that, though, because sometimes boring days are exactly what I need and want.

The events that fill my days are the simple ones I've described: walking, splashing, reading, eating, and so on. I could work to make them interesting, but I'm not up for working right now, and honestly, if you're not part of them, they're bound to sound dull.

Finally, I'm thinking a lot about the value of this blog. I've published it every day for years, but after over 3,700 entries, the readership is still tiny, and it shows no sign of growing. I could put more time into creating stronger posts, but I and my readers would almost certainly be better served by me putting more time into writing books. So, I'll continue to ponder the blog's future as I spend my days in simple, dull pursuits that nonetheless help me rest and recharge.

If you have any thoughts on whether I should continue to write this blog, please let me know. In a world of not many votes, your vote could count a lot.


Anonymous said...

This blog is great. But as a fan of your sci-fi series I would rather you put your time towards writing in that vein. But I find it hard to believe it would turn out that way. A daily blog is just different. You would probably just end up writing less.

In truth it's been so long since one of those books has came out I should have left by now.(I can't even remember which spelling of Jon was used. I think that is right but I am not sure.) But you really do write a good blog. Yet, no one reading this is going to be mad if you want to quit and do. What I am trying to say is either way( continue or quit the blog) or something in between, you still Have Too Write Another BOOK!
....Figuratively of course. You should probably start out with cutting back to once a week or so. Just to see how you feel then.


Mark P said...

Please continue your blogs. I have found them most informative.

As I live on the other side of the 'Pond' it is interesting to read an informed view of what happens in the States.

Your low number of readers may just be down to people not knowing of you.

I came to the blog when investigating the background of the Author of the & Lobo' books.

Small numbers of followers should be thought of as Quality rather than Quantity!

Anonymous said...

I do enjoy reading them, but I truly like reading your books better.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words and support.

I am still pondering the blog.

I agree the readers here are high-quality, and I appreciate everyone.

I am working on the next book, and I will indeed finish it and many more!

pjz said...

You can count me in the 'keep it going' camp, though I do sometimes wish for a little more SF inserted into the blog. Short stories? teasers? Currently it's more of a travelogue and foodie blog (which are fine on their own merits!) but I too showed up hoping to get some glimpses into writing the world of Jon & Lobo.

Mark said...

Fair points, PJZ. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Firmly in the camp of keeping it going. I am constantly amazed at the number of things you have going on, and yet you still post every day. I've been running the Pretend Blog for 8 years and I'm lucky to average out around once every other week.

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words and the support.

old aggie said...

Agree with what the others have said: longing for more Jon & Lobo, while fully enjoying your posts here that are so thoughtful. There are so many strident voices out there - every voice of reason is sorely needed.

I have pointed foodie friends to your blog when they're travelling to cities you've visited, and they have benefitted from your many tips.

And I enjoy your posts about your business as well. Kinda wish I lived close enough to work at PT (I'm an e-learning instructional designer). :-)

The blog is also a good tool as "Limit Your Greed" builds a following. It gives you a forum to post commentary that doesn't fit on the site.

Perhaps cutting back on the number of posts per week, or per month ... maybe no more than one restaurant review for each city you visit? ... Trying to think of ways (which you've probably already thought of!) to allow you to cut back to make room for other stuff because...

...the thing that would grow your blog readership the most is new Jon & Lobo books, hopefully every year or 2. (A plug for the blog on the book jacket wouldn't hurt either! I know - one can dream.)

BTW, you're one of my sources of inspiration and encouragement in re-starting my own blog (not ready to link it to my signature here yet, but soon!).

Thanks for all you do, Mark! You & yours deserve a great vacation - enjoy it!

Mark said...

Thanks for the kind words and the support. I am taking all the advice to heart.

Becky Catchings said...

I enjoy your posts. :)

Mark said...


Andy Finkel said...

I missed responding to this post; I was waiting for the Bobcake saga.

I hope that the blog/sf writing is not an either/or choice. I enjoy reading both.

The blog gives a chance to get some background behind the stories; and the bits of your life that you share are always interesting.

Mark said...

Thanks. I also hope to keep doing both--but to improve my writing pace.


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