Tuesday, July 11, 2017


One of our many beach traditions is to have our friend and (former) deli owner, Bob, prepare a dinner for us. Even though he and his wife, Rose, are now retired from that business, he still agreed to cater a meal for us tonight.

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The beach crowd this week is huge, but Bob still made more food than we could eat in one sitting. The meal included grilled cheese sandwiches (delicious!), hot dogs with optional chili, burgers, cheeseburgers (great!) with optional bacon, buns, salad, two homemade dressings, tuna, salmon, and tile fish.

The meal was delicious, and everyone ate their fill (and then some).

For dessert, Bob made us three cakes:  two carrot cakes (CaBobCakes, and here's one),

and one incredibly dense chocolate cake, the legendary (at least among us), BobCake.

To our surprise, Bob said that he managed to put two more pounds of chocolate in this year's BobCake than in last year's.  That's not two pounds of chocolate, mind you; that's two additional pounds of chocolate beyond the insane amount in last year's BobCake.  As you can see in the photo. the frosting sometimes breaks in what one of my nephews called a shingle of chocolate; the description was apt.

Beach life is dessert life.


Cynthia Hyde said...

I have been waiting on this blog 😋 Each year I wait to see how many bobcakes y'all get to enjoy!

Michelle said...

Oh man, I would love to bury my face in that chocolate cake. You are one lucky beach house.

Mark said...

We are indeed lucky, for the BobCake is powerful and delicious.


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