Thursday, July 13, 2017

In which I'm still sleepy, the meaty mess hits the beach,
and the BobCake still abides

During normal work weeks, I sleep very little.  I simply can't afford the time in bed.  Here on vacation, I am sleeping about eight hours each night and napping every few days, yet I am sleepy almost all of the time.  Some of this fatigue is due to more exercise; though I'm not doing much, I am walking a couple of miles in the heat each day, and I'm usually in the pool twice a day.  Some of it, though, seems to be just part of the process of trying to shed the stress of my normal life.  I shouldn't be surprised at how much stress I need to get rid of, but I keep being caught off-guard by how pervasive it is.  Clearly, I need to learn to manage my stress better.

Beach life is sleepy life.

Dinner tonight found our group splintering, with some going out, some foraging on their own, and some eating my meaty mess entree.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Kyle pointed out that without context it's hard to appreciate just how large that bowl of meaty goodness is, so he volunteered to be in the blog with it.

Yeah, the bowl is huge and brimming with meat, pasta, and cheese.

In BobNews, the first of the CaBobCakes is nearing its end.

The BobCake itself, however, abides despite our best efforts to consume it.

We may need to throw a BobCake eating party for our beach neighbors just to give ourselves a fighting chance against it.

And so endeth the news of the beach.


Rosanne said...

Wow, that pasta looks great! I must admit, I had the best grilled cheeseburger EVER when I was at the Fourth of July party at David and Jo Drake's house and you were the grill master.

Glad there are lots of folks to eat those cakes. Bet the chocolate cake in particular is so rich, a small piece at a time is all anyone can manage!

Mark said...

I'm glad you enjoyed that burger!

The chocolate cake is indeed incredibly rich. Most people take very small pieces indeed.


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