Sunday, April 17, 2016

Midnight Special

barely ran in local theaters and only well after its supposed national opening date, so I considered myself lucky to get to see it.  It's the sort of low-budget SF film that garners minimal local press, appears and disappears quickly, and then shows up in a DVD bargain bin, where you and friends discover it and find out you've lucked into one of the good ones.

The movie starts in media res, explains itself only in ways that fit the story, and follows a relentless plot arc that makes perfect sense at the end--but most folks won't see the end coming.  I strongly encourage you not to seek spoilers on this one; just let it work on you.

The film's cinematography and a lot of its vibe have a very seventies-SF feel, which is just fine; they suit it.

The acting is consistently strong, with Michael Shannon, playing his usual strong, silent, slightly crazed character, and Joel Edgerton, his friend and helper, turning in particularly excellent performances.

I really don't want to ruin it for you, so trust me on this one:  go see Midnight Special.


Mark P said...

I'll have to watch out for this when it comes out on DVD, sounds intriguing.

I've recently seen the trailer for suicide squad done to a seventies number, ball room smash? Really looked good.

Mark said...

Midnight Special is definitely worth your time.

Yeah, the Ballroom Blitz trailer for Suicide Squad does look awesome. I hope the movie is as good.


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