Monday, April 18, 2016

Country road trip

On the way to my destination today, I passed many signs for a place I clearly had to visit.  So, after quite a number of turns onto well-paved country roads, I arrived at the subject of the signs.

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If the signs are telling the truth, the Nahunta Pork Center is home to the country's largest pork display.  Having now walked through it and browsed many, many yards of pork products, I can say with complete confidence that it has the biggest pork display I have ever seen.  From complete heads to both sliced and whole feet, every part of the pig you might want--and many you probably don't care for--are available at the Nahunta Pork Center.

I am already contemplating swinging by there on the way home to pick up some bacon, a little pulled pork, and just maybe a Pork King t-shirt.  Because, of course.

My destination, and where I will be until late Wed. morning, is the odd and somewhat decaying town of Kinston, North Carolina.  I'm here to eat the food of chef Vivian Howard, star of the PBS show, A Chef's Life.  Tomorrow night, I'm going to her main restaurant, Chef and the Farmer, but I arrived today so I could try her more casual establishment, the Boiler Room Oyster Bar.

Tucked down an alley across the street from Chef and the Farmer, the Boiler Room intrigued me with its southern poutine and interesting appetizers.  The southern poutine indeed proved to be the tastiest thing I tried,

a gooey, greasy concoction of barbecue, fries, and cheese.  I'm not saying it's a heart attack on a plate, but it's certainly at least the opening act for one.

Overall, though, the food was good but nothing sufficiently great that if it was in the Triangle, I would frequent the place.

I'm hoping for significantly better from Chef and the Farmer.  More on that tomorrow night.


Mark P said...

I assume Pork Bellies were on option?

I've no idea what they are but there's something about the phrase Pork Belly and Futures that has special semi-exotic connotation rather like Stem Bolts in ST:DS9.

Mark said...

Indeed they were. Nahunta had everything pork.

I do like that phrase.


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