Friday, April 22, 2016


is a movie critics love to hate, as you can tell from its RottenTomatoes rating.  I quite enjoyed it, however, in large part because of the over-the-top performance from Kevin Costner.

The plot apparently struck many critics as hard to follow, but if you've read any SF, I expect you'll find it as simple to track as I did.  Yeah, it's full of dumb pseudo-science, but no more so than most modern SF or nearly SF films.  The notion of implanting memories and the subsequent challenges that poses are topics that SF stories, books, and movies have been exploring for decades.  Criminal makes the process fun largely because Costner makes his character, Jericho Stewart, so entertaining.

The spoilers I don't want to give revolve around Stewart and his behavior, so plan to simply enjoy them.

The other actors were at least adequate, with a scene-chewing Gary Oldman particularly fun and despicable to watch.

I don't think this is worth rushing to the theater for, but I do think it's worth making a matinee run (which is what I did) or picking it up on DVD.  You'll have a fun couple of hours, and you'll want to watch Costner play Stewart again.

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