Friday, January 29, 2016

Two reasons why the Austin airport is great

My lunch today, which consisted of the meat from this Salt Lick BBQ two-meat combo

Click an image to see a larger version.

and this small cup of ice cream from the Amy's there at the airport.

I've yet to taste a bite of brisket in North Carolina that was as good as mediocre Austin brisket, and the Salt Lick's brisket is at least average for Austin.

In case you're wondering, the two flavors in the Amy's cup are oreo and butter pecan.


Andy Finkel said...

Mark: Reading about salt lick reminded me that I respect and agree with most of your restaurant choices. I happen to be in Honolulu on business...any recommendations ? Tommorow night the project will be complete and we'd be in the mood to celebrate...


Mark said...

Hi, Andy,

Okay, first, I'm jealous: I've only been in Hawaii once, and then for only 22 hours. I hope it's fantastic there.

That's also the reason I have no firsthand knowledge of Honolulu restaurants. Sorry. I wish I could have been helpful.

Andy Finkel said...

Thanks anyway; I was hoping I could lead the group to an interesting place for dinner tonight.

The weather is great; the place feels one big city, rather than a state. I'd like to come back here when I'm not working, its been a solid week of back and forth between the stadium and the hotel, with very little time to do anything else.

(except for yesterday morning, which I got to spend on the beach, which was great. The ocean was warmer than the pool, which for me, a person used to the Atlantic on the east coast, was a huge surprise.)


Mark said...

Sorry I could not help.

I would like one day to visit there for long enough to get a sense of the place.


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