Monday, January 25, 2016

Fun facts from a day of travel to Austin

Driving safely on ice-covered roads on an early morning trip to the airport is not the challenge.  The challenge is avoiding all the other insane drivers on those roads, such as the guy in the jeep who blew by me and the rest of the 20 mph traffic doing 45, or the woman in the SUV talking on the phone while trying to pass me and cut me off from merging onto the freeway.

Getting an upgrade on a Monday morning flight is about as likely as Donald Trump saying something sane.

The first exit row in many former US Airways planes has absolutely no extra room.  On every other carrier I've flown, exit row = more room.  This fact did not make me happy.

The weather here was beautiful--and now is proceeding to turn unseasonably cold, as if lower temperatures accompanied me from North Carolina.

Asking for minimal sides and less than the normal amount of meat on a three-meat platter from the County Line by the Lake--a dish I order just to get to taste the beef rib, sausage, and brisket--yields this plate.

Click an image to see a larger version.

Which is to say, the request does absolutely nothing.  You get what you get.

Amy's at the Arboretum is pretty at night,

but the ice cream inside is tastier than the outside is pretty.

That's a wrap for Monday.

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