Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hugo nominations and my 2015 work

Hugo nominations are now open.  Go here to read about them and nominate.  If you're a member of this year's worldcon or last year's, you can nominate.

Nominating is a good thing, because the more people who show what they like by nominating works for the award, the more likely the final award is to be representative of what the majority of fans like.

I have one work eligible this year:  the novelette (just barely, at not quite 7,800 words), "All That's Left," which appeared in Onward, Drake!  While I would obviously love to make the Hugo ballot (and never have), I also wouldn't want anyone to nominate the story unless she/he really liked it.

I should note that if you're one of those people who believe voting turn-outs are always so big that your vote doesn't matter, in most years a hundred nominations would put a novelette on the ballot, and 300 would almost always make that story be the most nominated piece.

So, regardless of my works, if you're an SF fan, please consider nominating works you like for the Hugo.

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