Sunday, January 24, 2016

The world outside my house

MarkP asked for a few shots of the outside world, so for the first time since I arrived home Thursday night, I braved the outdoors.  I didn't go out until late in the afternoon on Sunday, so a lot of the snow and ice had melted by then; sorry about that, Mark.

Here's Holden sniffing some plants near our front door.

Click an image to see a larger version.

As you can tell, others have been out walking, and despite the melting, we still have a lot of ice.

The driveway to the left is clearing.

Straight ahead, not as much has melted.

To the right, Cone Man must stand in the snow but at least has the joy of presiding over a melting section of the driveway.

Tonight, the temperature will drop, and a lot of the water on the roads will freeze into black ice.

Regardless, early tomorrow morning I must head to the airport for the next trip.

Wish me luck getting to RDU!


Mark P said...

thanks for the photos. Had it melted much?

From the UK weather reports I was expecting Snow-margedon.

We're supposed to get the tail of the storm this week, but they predict just rain and wind.

Mark said...

Yes, a fair amount had melted. The issue was less the amount of snow than the fact that more than half of what you saw was ice.

Rain and wind doesn't sound like a problem, which is a good thing.


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