Sunday, October 11, 2015

The hardest part of traveling a great deal,

at least for me, is not the travel itself, nor the wear and tear on my body, nor even (though this is a big one) the calories that are hard to avoid at business meals.  No, the hardest part is dealing with all the household stuff that piles up while I'm gone.  The simple things that I address daily when I'm home--handling the physical mail, paying the bills, and dealing with other financial matters--pile up when I'm away.  They're not what I want to do first when I get home, so they continue to grow, until I find I'm desperately behind on them and must devote hours to them.

That was my situation today, because I'm flying out very early tomorrow morning, so that's where a great deal of my day went.

Tomorrow, Portland.


Anonymous said...

And the lack of Faster then Light travel clearly comes in third. Just behind no logical extraterrestrial destinations.

Looking forward to your next book, however long it takes you, I know it will be good.


Mark said...

Thanks so much for the kind words and the support.

Teleportation has always been high on my list of desirable superpowers, though maybe not as high as the ability to eat anything I want and never gain weight.


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