Saturday, October 10, 2015

Bouchercon, day 3

I'm accustomed to using the weekend to catch up on sleep, so getting up in the single digits again today left me rather tired.  Still, I had decided the trip downtown to the con was worth the sleep cost, because I very much wanted to see the 10:00 a.m. panel that included Lawrence Block.

Titled "Human Nature:  Our fascination with law breakers & law enforcers in fiction," it proved to be an interesting and entertaining discussion that focused primarily on the motivations of the "bad guys" in fiction.  Once again, the moderator spoke entirely too much and did not give enough time to the panelists, but when they spoke, they were intelligent and thoughtful and frequently funny.  Block was in fine form, speaking his mind eloquently and with considerable humor.

A group of us then wandered up the street to Lucette Grace for lunch.  My sandwich, a very Parisian ham and cheese with butter on baguette, was the closest I've had outside France to the treat I've eaten many, many times in Paris.  It made me want to hop the next plane to Paris.

Among us, we sampled many of the pastries, and each and every one was absolutely delicious.  None was a one-note, all-sweet wonder.  Each featured many nuanced and subtle flavors.  I hope this place survives a long time.

I then drove home for a nap.  I won't be going back to the con this weekend, alas, because I fly out Monday morning and simply have too much to do between now and then to be able to afford more con time.  I will, though, certainly attend future Bouchercons, and I recommend them to anyone who's a fan of mystery, thriller, or crime fiction.

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