Friday, October 16, 2015

On the road again: Portland, day 5

I'm home, and I'm glad to be here.  Today's travels went about as well as one could hope, with an exit row seat for the longer flight and a first-class upgrade for the shorter one, but it was still a ton of time in airports and airplanes.

Two items of note occurred.

The first was getting to eat in one of the new (since I was last there) restaurants in Terminal C of PDX.  I tried a vermicelli bowl from the Vietnamese place there, and the food was good, tasty and packed with fresh veggies.  That's a huge step up from pre-packaged sandwiches or boring sandwich joints.

The second was a classic DFW sprint between distant gates, the urgency courtesy of a long stay on the tarmac in our arriving flight, waiting for our gate to open.  This airplane dash is never fun, but at least I made it home--and so did my baggage.

I intend to sleep most of tomorrow.

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