Monday, October 12, 2015

On the road again: Portland, day 1

I'm never going to love a morning that starts with me getting out of bed in the fives, as today did.  I'm going to dislike that morning even more when it dawns after a night of no sleep, my brain unwilling and unable to shut down for the four hours I was in the bed.

So, today did not begin ideally.

The flights proved to be the sort of experiences I'm encountering more and more frequently:  exit-row seats, thanks to my status on American, but no upgrades, just hours and hours of leaning into the aisle and feeling like a sardine in a slowly shrinking can.  The only fun break in the travel portion of the day was a fruit and frozen yogurt parfait at the ever-reliable Red Mango.

Portland's afternoon weather was lovely, so after settling into the hotel I went for a short walk and grabbed a snack from a food truck specializing in Asian noodle dishes of various sorts.

Work consumed the afternoon and early evening.  Dinner was a tasty meal at Bamboo Sushi, with dessert courtesy of the Salt & Straw establishment right next door.

A decent business travel day, as these days go.

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