Friday, May 1, 2015

Today we would have celebrated

not only May Day, but also and more importantly to me, my mother's birthday.  She died a bit over three years ago, but obviously I still think of her often and miss her.

As a small form of celebration, I thought I'd share, courtesy of Rana, two photos of my mother in my house.

The first is her many years ago.

Click an image to see a larger version.

This one shows her playing with a very young Scott.

Yes, this is the same Scott who grew up to become the Great Pirate Neckbeard.

I expect I'll continue to miss my mother until I die, but I'm okay with that; we should cherish the memories of those we love.

Happy birthday, Mom.


Mark P said...

My father passed away over 13 years ago. I still come across things in life and think that's something he would interested in. He introduced me to sci-fi as a boy not interested in reading and I still love it. I've tried interesting my daughters in sci-fi but the nearest I've got it Percy Jackson and Manga. I did get my wife to try some Saberhagen and David Drake's Lord of the Isles but she found the latter too dark.

Cynthia Hyde said...

You favor her a lot.
Mothers are our greatest gift and children our greatest blessings.

Mark said...

Thank you both for the comments. Losing people we love is always hard.


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