Monday, April 27, 2015

Scott, the Great Pirate Neckbeard

Earlier tonight, Scott and other seniors put on a fascinating and fun show, Posters and Pies, about their senior projects.  After brief presentations on all the projects, we then got to see them up close--and eat pizza and pie.  I am very proud of Scott and his teammates and the very cool augmented reality project they did.

After the event finished, however, Scott decided he was done with most--but not all--of the beard he had been growing.  This decision led to a neckbeard...

Click an image to see a larger version.

...which in turn led to Scott's debut as The Great Pirate Neckbeard in the upcoming romance, Pirate.

The adoring fan in the background is his roommate, George.

Despite his cover model status on this soon-to-be-a-bestseller novel, Scott was not done.  Oh, no.

First, he posed in several different shots for neckbeard fans everywhere.

This one, the view from below, also known as "what the hell is on his neck?", is particularly striking.

"What," Scott says, "you don't like the neckbeard?"

"Are you sure?"

"Well, okay then, how do you feel about the reduced neckbeard?"

"Or perhaps you would prefer the checkerboard?"

Oh, yes, he is most definitely my son!

Well played, Scott.  Well played.

Yes, of course I asked Scott's permission before posting these photos.


Mark P said...

Have you considered following your sons example vis-à-vis your beard?

Mark said...

It could happen at any moment.

Mark P said...

I've grown a beard at various times but always ended shaving it off as the itching drove me crazy.
My wife and daughters also didn't like it and the last time I grew it for Movember there seemed to be a lot more grey and white than I was happy with!

Mark said...

Mine has been white for so long that I've given up all hope of any color appearing.


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