Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Hillsborough BBQ Company

is for my money the new local barbecue champion.  This relatively new restaurant, nestled in a row of shops well off the main road in Hillsborough, features a real wood-fired pit and a team dedicated to creating great barbecue.  For the most part, they succeed.

Their chopped pork barbecue was so moist and delicious that I never even tried their sauces.  No other local barbecue place comes close to their chopped pork.  Their pork ribs were also the best I've had from a local barbecue joint.

The one meat on which they fell short was brisket.  Too dry by far, it just wasn't up to what even a low-end place in Austin would send out.  I am going to hope they keep trying to improve the brisket.

All the sides I sampled were very good, with the mac-and-cheese and baked beans particular favorites of mine.  Their hush puppies were also perfect.

You do have to allow time to wait.  The place was packed and apparently stays that way much of the time.

The only bad news is that I now will have more reasons to make the long drive to Hillsborough.

If you love pork barbecue, go eat at the Hillsborough BBQ Company.  The food is worth the drive.

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