Saturday, September 6, 2014

Speaking of ice and hotels

On my recent trip to London, for the days before and after the Worldcon, I stayed at my favorite grand old hotel there, the Savoy.  A superb hotel with lovely rooms and excellent service, the Savoy nonetheless barely understands the ice requirements of Americans--or, at least, those of this American.  As I've explained before, including in yesterday's post, I love ice and always seek it at hotels.  Thus, I had a problem at the Savoy.

I initially tried solving it simply by asking for ice.  They filled the room's lovely (and cleaned daily) metal ice bucket--but with seven admittedly large cubes.  Seven.  As if each was precious.

I tried again. 

Six cubes this time.

I pondered the challenge.  Six or seven cubes lasts one glass of Coke Zero, and then I'm out.  The Savoy clearly was not going to understand the amount of ice I want.

As is usually helpful, I tried to consider the situation from the perspective of the others involved, in this case, the hotel.  No one would need much ice.  Really, who needs ice?  Six or seven cubes is perfect for a mixed drink or two, more than enough for a guest and even someone a guest might be bringing back to his/her room.  You don't need ice in quantity for anything, really...

...except, perhaps, to keep champagne cold. 

Ah, I could work with that.

The next time I was leaving the room, I called for ice, but this time I said when I'd be returning and requested a couple of large buckets of ice.  They thoughtfully asked whether I would like two champagne glasses.  Of course I would, I replied.

Upon my return, waiting for me were two gloriously large buckets full of beautiful ice!  Standing on either side of one of them were two equally lovely champagne glasses.

Deep into the night, I drank my icy cold Coke Zero from first one and then, just for fun, from the other lovely champagne glass.

Oh, yeah:  I can work a hotel.

Savoy folks, if you are by some miracle reading this, I love your establishment, and I apologize for gaming the system, but given what the rooms cost, I don't feel too bad about it. 

And I'll definitely try it again, should I be lucky enough to visit there once more.


Anonymous said...

great idea. glad you got your ice :)

Mark said...

Thanks. I quite enjoyed it.


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