Monday, September 1, 2014

On the road again: DragonCon, day 5

After a little morning work, I tromped down the stairs--the elevators were jammed with fans who were checking out--to my one con activity of the day:  a panel titled, "Ask My Anything!"  The plan was that four other writers and I would answer whatever questions the audience threw at us, and that was pretty much what happened.  Almost all of the questions focused on topics related to publishing, both in the traditional ways and self-publishing.  The time passed reasonably quickly, and the audience seemed pleased, so I'd call the panel a moderate success.

After lunch, which I once again procured from the nearby food court, I walked a bit, did a little work, and had a lovely nap, a rare treat. 

Dinner was a decent Italian meal at one of the local Figo chains that just happened to be right near that Jeni's I'd visited earlier.  (Okay, so it wasn't all luck.)  Naturally, dessert was delicious ice cream.

Back at the hotel, the con, which officially ended late this afternoon, was barely present.  Here's a shot much like the others I took from my favorite people-watching spot in the Marriott's lobby.

As you can see, the crowd of determined partyers is a tiny fraction of what it was during the other nights of the con.

Tomorrow morning, I will catch up on whatever work has arrived and then head to the car before noon for the long drive home.


Anonymous said...

In spirit of the ask you anything, do you have the Title for the next John and Lobo? I would ask for a projected release date but it doesn't really matter, so I would probable rather not know.

I thought your last dragoncon pic would leave the impression of sadly being all alone after a party but instead it felt kind of like uncomfortably staying too long with a few people who might not realize it.


Mark said...

Actually, all the people in the group seemed to be having a good time. I am glad I stayed, particularly given my late panel, because the day was way easier for staying.

The title is All the Worlds Against Us--at least, that's the title today.


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