Tuesday, September 2, 2014

On the road again: DragonCon, day 6

Wake up.  Work.  Shower.  Work.  Check out.  Drive.  Work and eat lunch.  Ride--and work.  Get home.  Work.  Eat dinner.  Work.

That was pretty much my day, the final day of DragonCon for me, the day after the con officially ended. 

A few closing thoughts on DragonCon:

The crowds are amazing, as is their energy.  Though written SF is definitely not the top priority for the majority of folks, books and stories matter enough that every panel I saw had plenty of attendees.

The people who run the con came across as incredibly well organized.  I'm sure there were plenty of hitches behind the scenes, but from my perspective, these folks did great work.

The con organizers treated me very well.  I was happy with my panel selection, and they were always great to me.

On balance, I absolutely hope to return next year, assuming I can get a hotel room.

Now, though, it's time to unpack.

I hit the road again Sunday.

Oh, boy!

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