Wednesday, May 28, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I can't even remotely pretend to be unbiased about this movie.  The first comic-book series I truly and deeply loved was The X-Men.  The first issue of a comic book that I mail-ordered from an ad in the back of a comic was issue 3 of The X-Men.  As an alienated kid who fancied himself special, this Stan Lee & Jack Kirby comic hit me perfectly.  To this day, I have a soft spot for this superhero team in all its many variations.

I loved the first X-Men movie, because I finally got to see this team on the big screen, and I've liked all the others, even the Wolverine films and the admittedly weak third X-Men entry.  I'm a soft touch for the mutant flicks.

All of which is by way of making it clear that you probably can't trust me when I tell you to make sure you do not miss X-Men:  Days of Future Past, which I greatly enjoyed.  The time-travel mechanics are more than a little convenient, and it takes almost no time for Wolverine to convince Beast and the professor that he (Wolverine) has come from the future, and I could list many more problems with the movie's construction, but I don't care; it worked for me.

Fortunately, with this film you do not have to trust just my opinion.  Over at Rottentomatoes, as I write these words the critics are 92% positive and the audience 95% positive

Whether you trust me or prefer to rely on them, you should go see this movie. 

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