Saturday, February 22, 2014

Interested in high-tech gadgets?

I certainly am, and so is my business partner, Bill Catchings.  He tests a lot of them, but unlike most people who review gadgets, he doesn't just test them for the short amount of time their deadlines permit.  Instead, he lives with them, really puts them through their paces, and when he's confident he truly understands them, he writes about them.  He's been doing this for a while on his personal blog, but now he's doing it for us at Principled Technologies as the kick-off writer in our new Insights series.  (More folks will be adding different sorts of insights over time.)

In the first installment, he gives this thoughts on the Basis smart watch.  See what he has to say here.

What excites me most about this addition to PT's offerings are getting to read Bill's insights regularly and also providing an outlet for exploring the incursion of tech into all sorts of devices and areas of our lives.


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