Sunday, February 16, 2014

A month from now

I'll be heading to TEDActive, the simulcast gathering of TED that I've attended for most of the last several years.  (I missed the one right after my mother died.)  The program for this year's event is now available; check it out

I go to this conference because in past years it has helped me think differently and in unusual directions; it's stretched my brain a bit.  I'm hoping this year's version does the same.

I'm honestly not thrilled about the venue change from Palm Springs (warm in the winter) to Whistler (ski resort), because I don't ski or have any particular interest in winter sports.  Still, I've never been to British Columbia and look forward to seeing at least a bit of it.

As always, I'll report back from the conference with comments on at least some of the talks.


Rosanne said...

I had never heard about TEDActive before. It sounds like a wonderful conference. This is the first I have heard that your mother died. Sending kind thoughts and condolences.

Mark said...

TEDActive is a simulcast of TED with some talks live there, linked to and sort of part of the main TED conference.

Thanks for the kind words. Mom died two years ago on Feb. 11. You can read more about her on my blog entries from that time.

Windsong Journals said...

Whistler is going to be fun. Stay warm.

Mark said...

I hope so.


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