Friday, February 21, 2014

I wanna write on a train

Who wouldn't want to do that, really?  I worked on Slanted Jack on several trains in Japan, for example, and each time I found the experience pleasant and, more importantly, quite productive. 

What prompted this thinking is this potentially wonderful new program from Amtrak, which Pam alerted me to.

Of course, I wouldn't want to do a 44-hour train residency, which is what the first person tried.  Oh, no.  I'd want to go cross-country or at least to the middle of the U.S.  A train ride to Kansas City for some barbecue and the end of a novel?  Hell, yeah. 

Amtrak, if you're listening, where do I apply?


Elizabeth said...

Having recently just taken the train and spent the ride doing some writing of a sort, I can vouch for how peaceful and productive it feels, especially when listening to music. Two perfect pieces of accompanying music for me were this: and this

Mark said...

I tend to write to rock, but those are lovely pieces.


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