Friday, October 25, 2013

Wow, do I want to see this movie!

This UK trailer for Captain America:  The Winter Soldier, is great.  I went from being lukewarm about the film--of course I'd go, but not with high hopes--to being quite excited about it, all in the short span of two and a half minutes. Check it out, ideally in 1080p on a big monitor.

If the movie lives up to the trailer, it should be both a great ride and, for bonus points, a solid exploration of some of the key themes that have always troubled Captain America.

April 4 next year should be a good movie day.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to seeing this movie and also the next "Thor" movie.

Anonymous said...

Plus, it gets bonus points for extremely recognizable Cleveland locations. :-) They closed a small freeway near where I work for 2 weeks last spring to shoot the fight scene with the cars on a bridge. CA-WS is definitely on my must-see list!

- old aggie

Mark said...

That's cool. I've only been to Cleveland once, but I'll look for the locations when I see the movie.


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