Monday, October 21, 2013

On the road again: CONtraflow, New Orleans, day 4

After some morning work and a shower, I headed to the airport. The rental car return area at New Orleans airport is about as inconvenient as anyone could make it and still have it on the airport grounds, but after dropping off the car and walking the block or so back to the terminal, everything went swimmingly.

Flight times meant I had to grab lunch at the airport, but with a chicken po boy easily available, that wasn't the bad meal some airports guarantee.

The first flight departed and landed on schedule, so I had plenty of time in DFW to grab a tasty Red Mango parfait. I even went crazy and substituted the vanilla bean frozen yogurt for the normal "traditional" flavor.

After over an hour of work in the Admirals Club, I made the long walk to my gate and arrived just in time to learn that the flight was going to be an hour and a quarter late.

Back to the Admirals Club, back to work. 

All of that is behind me now, though, and I am happy to be home.  This week promises to be a very busy one, but it will include a visit to the North Carolina State Fair, so I can hardly complain.

At a dinner this weekend, I mentioned to some folks that one of my favorite short movie speeches was the Count's final words into the microphone at the end of The Boat That Rocked. Most had not heard it before, so I will end this trip's report with it.  Enjoy.

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