Thursday, October 24, 2013

Escape Plan

In a post nearly four months ago, I said I would have to catch this action flick, so on the last night of CONtraflow I treated myself to a late showing of it. I know that many of you are now thinking, "Wow, he really will see anything," and of course that's mostly true, but this one proved to be an entertaining bit of fluff.

Yes, we had to tolerate Stallone sitting and thinking, but the director wisely distracted from this cerebral activity with lots of graphics. Stallone and Schwarzenegger looked old, but they still have presence, and they were clearly having fun together. Jim Caviezel took a break from his Person of Interest duties to deliver a similarly muted performance as a bad guy, the warden of the impossible-to-escape-from prison in which Stallone finds himself. You already know the plot, but that doesn't matter, because the movie implements it reasonably well and with good pacing, so the ride is fun.

If you're up for watching these two old action stars have fun with a prison breakout story, you'll enjoy Escape Plan. I did.

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