Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A food truck name I could not resist

Dr. Noodle

Think about it: He's a doctor, and he has noodles, or perhaps he's a doctor of noodles, a noodlist, or maybe he's a noodle who's learned to pass as a human doctor.  The possibilities are endless.

In any case, when I ran across this small food truck a few weeks ago, I had to know more about the good doctor, including how well he handles his noodles.  Sadly, he was out of the Phad-Thai, so I went with the Singapore-style street noodles with chicken.

They were delicious, with just a bit of heat to offset the simple flavors of the noodles and the chicken.

Why Dr. Noodle even offers fish and chips is simply beyond me.


Anonymous said...

Some folks aren't very adventurous when it comes to food, so that may be the reason for the fish and chips, although I know folks who would (sadly) not want to try any of the menu items.

Mark said...

That makes sense, though I will, of course, try almost anything and so forget sometimes that others will not.


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