Thursday, October 10, 2013

In praise of Luther

If you don't already know Luther, it is a BBC show that's aired on BBC America and whose three seasons are now available here in the U.S. on DVD.  I watched the first two seasons some time ago, and I recently completed the third, four-episode season. 

The show is uniformly excellent, with the first season downright superb. Every single cast member delivers the goods in every installment, but the stand-out is its star, Idris Elba.  He storms through the show, a huge, powerful presence who can barely (and not always) contain the flood of emotions that constantly threatens to drown him.  He is mesmerizing on screen. 

I don't want to give away any spoilers, and if you haven't seen the show, I encourage you not to seek them out.  Instead, start at the first episode, sit back, and watch some of the best television available. 


Anonymous said...

hoping this isn't a spoiler for anyone, but I loved it when Luther rescued that young lady from being forced to do terrible things in movies. I also loved it when he gave the murderous, pimping grandmother what for and informed her that this young person was now free. The best part: when young lady gave the grandmother the backwards "v" as they left. That was awesome!

Mark said...

Indeed, that whole sequence was great.

Anonymous said...

wow, just realized that my previous comment sounds like I'm 12 instead of 57, but then again, right now I'm wishing I had the funds to go see Pearl Jam.

"Luther" is definitely great. The writing, acting...everything.

Mark said...

I'm stuck at 16 inside, and I'm wishing I could go to Derry to see Josh Ritter with Stephen Kellogg opening, so I do understand.

Anonymous said...

:) A couple of the poems I've written are about how I am, or feel like I am, a bit of an oddity. But I like that. :)

Mark said...

Yeah, I've never minded being a bit odd.


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