Sunday, October 6, 2013

Come see me Tuesday night (October 8) at the
Wake County North Regional Library

Last week's gathering of SF authors nearly destroyed a library (okay, that's a lie), so there's no telling what might happen Tuesday night (that's kinda-sorta true, in that no one can know the future).  We might sit around and talk writing and genre fiction, but we might also pull out our light sabers and duel, throw down with the audience, or even share milk and cookies (I wish). 

The "we" in this gathering, by the way, includes John Kessel, Mur Lafferty, David Drake, and me.  That's a group of four writers with strong opinions on pretty much every topic, so the discussion should not lack for enthusiasm.  All we need is an audience, which is where you come in.  Bring questions, bring friends, bring milk and cookies (would the library even allow that? why am I on a cookie binge?). 

Let's pack this room and show those rowdy librarians how SF fans rock! 


Michelle said...

What, no cheese fries stealing unicorns this time?

Mark said...

Nope. The milk and cookies keep them away.


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