Tuesday, February 5, 2013

On the road again: Silicon Valley, day 4

Today's travel stupidity comes to you courtesy of...me.  Yes, this morning I met my colleagues, headed out of the hotel to the self-park garage, and completely failed to find my rental car.  Because we were in a hurry, we took the car one of my colleagues had, but, boy, did I feel stupid.

We did easily find the car when we arrived back at the hotel after our last meeting of the day.

Apropos only of travel, I walked once into Sam the Record Man on Yonge Street in Toronto on a cold winter night, heard this song from Outskirts, their debut CD, bought the CD, and began my long love of Blue Rodeo. 

The audio here isn't great, but so it goes; for that, you have to buy the CD.  You should own it anyway. 

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