Wednesday, September 12, 2012

On the road again: San Francisco, day 4

I found today's keynote address and the technical sessions I attended quite interesting and informative.  Yeah, I know:  what a geek I must be to really enjoy sitting in technical presentations about computer stuff.  Well, yes, I am a geek.  Being a geek has been good to me. 

For dinner tonight, a small group of us went to the nearest Max's, where I stuck to tradition and ordered their absolutely delicious patty melt.  The sandwich did not let me down.  As soon as it arrived, as always I took this picture (click on it to see a larger image) and emailed it to my friend and colleague, Elizabeth, to torture her. 

I know it's cruel, but it's also fun--for me, at least, and I think for her. 

Now, back to work for me, and then some sleep, because the conference resumes early (for me) in the morning. 

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J. Griffin Barber said...

It was a good meal, and good fun!


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